We investigate advanced manufacturing techniques to develop new design solutions that enable the fabrication of multifunctional materials with complex geometries for health-care related applications. One of our research focuses is to develop additively manufactured porous biomaterials for orthopedic applications with enhanced mechanobiological properties. We also study the effect of various environmental conditions (e.g., body fluid environment, extra-abrasive environment) on the mechanical response of these enhanced-structured materials

Additive Manufacturing

This research is focusing on 3D printing polymer composite scaffolds having TPMS microarchitectures such as gyroids and diamonds with optimized mechanobiological properties for orthopedic applications.

Material Science

The ultimate goal of this research is to prevent fall-related injuries for workers exposed to outdoor winter condition through development of slip-resistant footwear based on novel composite materials and optimization of tread pattern design to retain its properties over extended use.


We acknowledge all of the support that allows us to conduct our research, including from these sponsors: