Recent Publications

  • The effect of tread patterns on slip resistance of footwear outsoles based on composite materials in icy conditions. Journal of Safety Research (accepted)
  • Biomechanical Design Optimization of Distal Femur Locked Plates: A Review.Journal of Engineering in Medicine (accepted).
  • Effect of 3D printing process parameters on surface and mechanical properties of FFF-printed PEEK. Journal of Manufacturing Processes, 85, 368-386. Pulipaka, A., Gide, K. M., Beheshti, A., & Bagheri, Z. S. (2023).
  • Polymer-Based Materials Built with Additive Manufacturing Methods for Orthopedic Applications: A Review. Composite Science 6 (9), 262 KM Gide, S Islam, ZS Bagheri 2022
  • Design of tread patterns for use with novel composite outsole materials for slip-resistant footwear. International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics 32, 89-93 KM Gide, S Islam, T Dutta, ZS Bagheri 2022
  • The effect of wear on slip-resistance of winter footwear with composite outsoles: a pilot study. Applied ergonomics 99, 103611 ZS Bagheri, Y Li, AR Fekr, T Dutta 2022
  • Biomechanical analysis of fixation methods for acetabular fractures: a review. Medical Engineering & Physics 89, 51-62 H Ferrante, EH Schemitsch, R Zdero, ZS Bagheri 2021
  • Reducing fall risk for home care workers with slip resistant winter footwear. Applied ergonomics 90, 103230 ZS Bagheri, JD Beltran, P Holyoke, T Dutta 2021